Recruitment, Policy & Procedures

Start-ups and small businesses varying between 2 – 20 employees, can really suffer when they recruit the wrong person for the wrong role. In small, closely-knit teams, the effects of a mismatch can quickly ripple through a business causing further problems down the line.

That’s why at HR Matters, we focus on helping your business recruit the right person for the right role and saving you time, money and hassle by making sure you get it right the first time around.

Employee Relations

Our friendly, fully-qualified HR consultants can help your business develop better employee relations through a combination of training your managers and re-assessing your policies and procedures.

Training, Development & Strategy

Larger businesses from between 50 to 100 employees can often struggle to effectively train and develop newly promoted managers and invest in the continuing professional development of their more experienced managers. When this happens, it can have a negative impact on morale and trust which can result in the underperformance of employees.

HR Matters can help your business implement a clear and reliable training and development strategy, to help to increase your employee’s morale and build trust within your management team.

Through our unique combination of a bespoke managerial training app and HR consultancy services, we will help to support you in being able to better train your managers. By investing time in training and development, we can help to ensure the future success of your business with the added bonus that your mangers are comfortable in their new roles.

Corporate Project Work

With years of experience as an HR manager both in the UK and internationally, our founder understands what’s required from businesses at various stages of their lifecycle.


This experience has helped us develop processes that will both support and guide businesses as they reach the next stage.