Employee Relations


Create and implement a watertight employee relations policy with support from HR Matters.

Our friendly, fully-qualified HR consultants can help your business develop better employee relations through a combination of training your managers and re-assessing your policies and procedures.


How can an employee relations policy help your business?

A good employee relations policy can help you with everything from improving team engagement, to the smooth handling of challenging issues such as redundancy.

It’s all about ensuring you and your team have a clear understanding of your policy and expectations. In doing so you can empower your team to make decisions in your company’s interests, while handling matters with respect and consideration.

During the early years or periods of intense growth, employee relations issues can often go unnoticed, but they will eventually make themselves known.

Getting a strong employee relations policy in place sooner rather than later can help your business run smoothly, saving you time, money and drama in the long run. 

If you’re dealing with, or expect to deal with, any of the following situations, speak to HR Matters today about your employee relations policy:

  • Managing poor performance

  • Low employee engagement

  • Redundancy programme

  • Gross misconduct charges

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Harassment and bullying

Fifty per cent of the time, underperforming members of staff can be turned around, nurtured and motivated to become high performers and happy employees. But it takes well-trained, strong managers, empowered with an excellent employee relations policy in order to achieve this.

Case Study

How we helped a TV production company

We were approached by the client to provide support in handling a delicate situation.

The TV production company had up to 75 employees working for them and when we came on board, they were struggling with a backlog of employee relations issues that were having a negative impact on day to day business. We discovered the cause was that their managers weren’t feeling confident in their use or understanding of the company’s policies and procedures, due to a lack of training.

HR Matters were able to help our client conduct a full review of their policies and procedures, working alongside the managers in training them to quickly identify and address employee relations issues, before they spiralled out of control and started to affect the business.

We took the time to execute our work with care and consideration to the team - not always an easy task when introducing a new management style which managers and employees alike weren’t used to. HR Matters was successful in executing the new company policies and procedures in order to give everybody at the TV production company time to adjust and get used to the new method of working.

Over time, the managers took notice of the warning signs of managing underperformance which soon became a habit of their roles. We were able to increase the managers’ understanding of employee relations through training and re-assessing the existing policies and procedures and the business is now going from strength to strength.


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