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Larger businesses from between 50 to 100 employees can often struggle to effectively train and develop newly promoted managers and invest in the continuing professional development of their more experienced managers. When this happens, it can have a negative impact on morale and trust which can result in the underperformance of employees.

HR Matters can help your business implement a clear and reliable training and development strategy, to help to increase your employee’s morale and build trust within your management team.

Through our unique combination of a bespoke managerial training app and HR consultancy services, we will help to support you in being able to better train your managers. By investing time in training and development, we can help to ensure the future success of your business with the added bonus that your mangers are comfortable in their new roles.


Why do large businesses need a training, development and strategy?

Once a business has grown to the size of 50 to 150 employees, many employers struggle to train new managers or develop their more experienced managers. It takes time and expertise to develop an effective managerial training programme; something not every company has available internally.

A successful business is built on a foundation of engaged and productive employees who strive to do well in their roles and are driven by their own and the company’s success. Over the years, we have found time and time again that an employee’s relationship with their line manager is one of the key relationships in the workplace that directly relates to employee engagement.

Our experience has shown that if your employees have a difficult relationship with their line manager, then they will feel less motivated when they come into work and their engagement and productivity drops through the floor.

We offer management training through our app to stop this happening. Covering everything from hiring a new employee, right the way through to what happens should they choose to leave their role, this step-by-step guide is easy to digest and covers all of the relevant steps that a manager needs to take in order to get the most out – and for – of their team.

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Case Study

How we helped a FMCG company

This client was interested in providing a managerial training and development strategy in order to improve the employee engagement rate in their business. Having struggled with a high-turnover of staff in recent months, we worked with them to establish a way to improve management throughout the business, as they ran a confidential internal survey and the results showed that many employees were unhappy with their managers.

We helped the business by working alongside their HR department to implement an effective and interesting management training and development scheme that would be open to all new managers in the business, so that new managers would get the support that they needed to be successful in their new roles and to support and engage their direct reports.

It was decided that whenever an employee was promoted to manage a team of three or more, the HR department would automatically send out a notification inviting them to a management training day, in order to better prepare them for their new role. This invitation would also be sent out to employees who have been in a management role for a year or more, to invite them for a CPD management development training session, in order to help further develop managers working in the business.

The results saw a more engaged and productive team and managers who felt confident in their skills and positions within the business.

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