HR Matters can help you recruit the best talent and implement policy and procedures to sustain your start-up or small business.

Start-ups and small businesses varying between 2 – 20 employees, can really suffer when they recruit the wrong person for the wrong role. In small, closely-knit teams, the effects of a mismatch can quickly ripple through a business causing further problems down the line.

That’s why at HR Matters, we focus on helping your business recruit the right person for the right role and saving you time, money and hassle by making sure you get it right the first time around.

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How can outsourcing recruitment help your start-up or small business?

The classic recruitment problem for small businesses is the lack of structure to the recruitment process. Without having this in place, there is a very real risk of employing the wrong people who either don’t have the required skills for the role, or they turn out to be the wrong fit for the team, which if left unchecked can have a detrimental impact on a small business and result in a waste of your time and money.

We understand that small businesses or start-ups need to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible, attract the best talent available and keep an eye on overheads. There is a lot to consider during this process and many businesses at this level struggle through without any HR expertise on hand to help.

HR Matters can help ease the strain and frustration of the recruitment process by implementing correct recruitment procedures from the outset; we can help your business to set the right tone and to find the right candidate, without charging a small fortune for the privilege.

Why do small businesses need policies and procedures? 

In our experience when a start-up or small business grows to have up to 20 employees, it’s essential that you start to think about the HR policies and procedures in place in order to provide your line managers with best practice guidance for how they and their teams are to conduct themselves at work.

HR Matters can help you follow best practices in the workplace which will benefit your start-up or small business more and more as you grow. With good policies and procedures in place, you can protect your business should a difficult and time-consuming HR situation arise.

In fact, you could be putting your business at risk if you don’t already have HR policies and procedures in place and it could even potentially damage your brand’s reputation in your industry, particularly if your business fails to follow and comply with current employment guidelines and legislation.

HR Matters can help you create the essentials such as:

  • A written statement of employment particulars

  • A comprehensive set of written company policies and procedures

  • An Employee Handbook

  • The paperwork you need to protect your employees’ rights in line with your business interests

By putting in the time early on, you can save money on solicitor’s fees should you encounter difficulties at a later stage. We can help you go beyond the basics to review and consider your employment contracts, annual holiday and sick leave, health and safety and disciplinary policies and procedures producing a comprehensive set of HR policies that can support you on your way to becoming a top employer in your industry

Case Study

How we helped a small advertising gency

We were contacted by a small advertising agency that had six employees and they were looking for an Intern to join their team on a six month contract as part of a Retainer and Recruitment project.

Previously, the advertising agency had experienced problems when recruiting new members of staff and they found that they were hiring the wrong people for the wrong jobs, which resulted in a negative knock-on effect to other areas of the business.

HR Matters came in to help. Using our consulting perspective we were able to fully manage the recruitment process, keeping to a tight turn-around time while reviewing and providing the following:

  • Writing the job description and person specification

  • Advertising the role

  • Screening the candidates

  • Writing interview scripts

  • Conducting face to face interviews

  • Running the assessment process

  • Managing the offer of employment

  • Carrying out referencing checks

  • Writing and sending out the contract of employment

We also spent time in coaching and training the managers in how to be better prepared for the recruitment process in future, as the business grew. Whilst working for the advertising agency, the Intern role was for a researcher and we were able to tailor our approach and adapt the materials that we used to target the specific requirements for that job.

The successful candidate that HR Matters recruited into the Intern role has been employed at the advertising agency for almost two years now and has been taken on as a full-time member of the team. We believe this success is partially attributed to the solid foundations that we laid during our time working with the business and the robust procedures which we followed to help ensure their success.

This was just one of the many roles we’ve helped fill successfully using our expert knowledge to tailor our skills to our client’s particular requirements. But again we saw the fantastic results that come from implementing procedure and policies in combination with a compassionate and very human appreciate to hiring. Have you had difficulties recruiting staff?


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